Hornbill on Koh Yao Noi


And with the abundant nature of "Koh Yao Noi", Koh Yao District, Phang Nga province makes it a habitat for hornbills The hornbill that lives on the island is "Gag Bird" (or Curry Bird) is the smallest bird in the hornbill family. And is considered the only island where hornbills live with people in the community The villagers on the island are considered hornbills that are part of the community. It is normal to see that hornbills come out to eat fruit in the villagers' homes.

Hornbill Bird


From a joint study with a professor at Mahidol University Found that the hornbill has enough food Various fruit varieties But startling is to steal the hornbill to sell One has a price of 4,000-5,000 baht. Hornbill can't penetrate the nest Requires a large natural hole because of the large hornbill While the big trees are decreasing everywhereHowever, this problem has been resolved. The matter has been stolen. Villagers in Ko Yao, especially the Health Volunteers, are helping to look after each other. Causing the baby bird theft problem to be reduced to zero within 3 years

As for the burrow Solved by creating an artificial nest With Mahidol University as the designer Many trial and error have been resolved until the resolution that the cavity must be 50 cm wide, 50 cm long, 1 meter high and make 12-13 cm holes.Need to make a thick edge in the hole Because the birds will bring the soil to close the entrance, leaving only 2-3 cm of space for the fathers to bring food to feed the mother birds only. If not making a hole, the ground will not stick. Can't shut the mouth And have to put the ground into a layer of 10 cm thick to help maintain the temperature While the mother bird will bring the soil from here to mix with saliva to seal the hole

The hornbill life cycle In February, the male will fly to find the hole until satisfied. Then allow the female to lay eggs After closing the mouth The mother bird will release wings and tails and lay eggs. Reed until becoming a big child for about 2 months, then began to practice flying in the nest. Is the reason why the cavity must be 1 meter high.

Hornbill Home

Now at Camp Hadee we will set up home Hornbill for next season to lay eggs. We saw some Hornbill fly around camp hadee every morning. Soon we hope they like to stay at new home at Camp Hadee. We will update.

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